Camp Fest

Welcome to the tent village.

With the start of this year, we have opened our campsite : an independent tent village under the shade of a huge mango tree, in between river and jungle. The intention is to plan and build the required facilities for guests to have all they need while living in the nature.
The Campfests  are celebrating the vision of a holistic and global community through art, workshops, music, nature explorations, high vibration food.

Last campfest hosted : 24 Feb – 02 March
Celebrating colors and life at NO NAME Free Hostel
Tent village, No Name Goa.
Details –

CAMPING – Where we live together celebrating life.
ART – Creating the decor by upgrading material and showing the beauty everywhere.
MUSIC – Vibrating with drum circles and jam sessions.
NATURE – Discovering the surrounding beach and jungle.
WORKSHOPS – Circulating eneries with flow motion, crystal healing & DIY activities.
FOOD – On donation buffet.

Free Entry/stay for Home Collective members
If you are not yet a Home Collective member write to us.

Where to book?
Write to us –

Whatsapp – +918527903677