Camp Fest

Welcome to the tent village.
This is about celebration, about connection, about high form of togetherness.
This is the end of a beautiful episode of Life, the transition period toward a new beginning.
In this particular time of the year the community wishes to enlarge its capacity to share the experience with a larger group.
On 29, 30 and 31ST December 2017 No Name is opening its campsite in Goa with two possibilities.
1. Rent a camp bed – INR 2400 per head for three nights.
2. Pitch your tent – INR 1500 per head for three nights.
(The prices are inclusive of buffet dinner every night)
CAMPING – Opening of a Tent Village in the Mango Field. Where we live together, celebrating the years past and to come.
ART – Creating the decor by upgrading material and showing the beauty everywhere.
MUSIC – Vibrating with drum circles and jam sessions.
NATURE – Discovering the surrounding beach and jungle.
WORKSHOPS – Circulating eneries with flow motion, crystal healing & DIY activities.
FOOD – Special buffet & fire food.
Camp Bed bookings are open until 20th December.
Contact for more information –
whatsapp +917758988577