Free Accommodation

All the best things in the world are for free.

Linked by a passion for travelling, we want this life changing experience to be accessible to everyone, our goal is to create a quality space where stay is for free!

Here is how to book a stay.

1. Check availability in the calendar below.
2. Block your preferred dates by sending us a reservation request through the calendar. (Maximum 29 days)
3. To confirm your booking you are asked for a minimum contribution to support the vision of #freedormculture as a home collective member.
4. Minimum contribution to book a stay is 
12/ person (as per your booking request) These contributions go towards building the community. Donate now
5. The minimum contribution enables you to be part of the #freedormculture and helps us to organize a home for everyone while you travel.
6. You will be sent a confirmation mail on your email regarding your booking once the minimum-contribution has been deposited.
7. The minimum contribution supporting your booking should be deposited within 7 days after applying for a stay or the request is auto-cancelled.


Free Guests Responsibilities towards the community – 

  1. Karma Yoga  : Participating in daily hosting duties – Takes approximately 20 minutes daily.
  2. Help Us In Keeping It Clean : Starting with your surroundings, the hostel & the world.
  3. Strictly Organic : We reduce the waste by composting the organic material. Help us to do so by segregating the waste, using appropriate bins and limiting the import of plastics.
  4. Welcoming Others : The bedding provided is prepared by the previous guest. Keep the cycle flowing by cleaning your bedding before the check-out.
  5. Meals : We offer community meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Feel free to participate in the kitchen activities, cooking, cleaning and contributing a donation in the magic hat.
  6. Connectivity : We understand the importance of staying in touch with your loved ones so free WiFi is accessible for the guests. Keep it easy for everybody by disconnecting it after use.
  7. Vibes : Always remember to smile.