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  • Create a traveler community home.
  • Co-develop an efficient self-managed structure, with guest involvement and long staying volunteers.
  • Create a sustainable space.
  • Develop a collective state of existence that empowers individual contribution to the project.
  • Connect the network for alternative empowerment, opportunities and channelized impact around the world.

Taking Shape

No Name Goa is a shared home with multiple ways to get involved, live & work together. Since its establishment, it has hosted more than 1,000 travelers from around the world. A multicultural platform to connect, share, teach, develop and enjoy each other.

The hosting capacity is upto 50 guests in free/ budget  beds, rooms or  the campsite. while housing 15 volunteers/ residents. The in-house kitchen offers two vegetarian meals on donation (December to March). The space is equipped with clean beddings and other general requirements of the guests. The project team has a semi-professional workshop with tools to work with bamboos, wood, clay, PVC pipes and metal.

Feedbacks & Desired Improvements

With the foundations right and running, we requested scribbles in our feedback section from the larger family. There were many beautiful thanks for the experience for which we are equally happy. Some took time to suggest improvements, here are a few –

  1. Increasing capacity.
  2. Campsite facilities.
  3. Kitchen equipments.
  4. Warmer beddings.
  5. Common area for meals & workshops.
  6. Faster internet and desks to work.
  7. Solar mobile charging station.
  8. Development of the network.

Solutions & Requirements

For the top improvements suggested by the members during the last season, we came up with relevant solutions for each. Here are the solutions, requirements and various costs attached.

  1. Adding dormitory beds (1000€) – With the campsite at maximum capacity we can add upto 20 dormitory beds in the shared rooms.
  2. Campsite upgrades (1000€) – Adding a large seating area for meals and workshops, a washing area, an outside shower and upto 3 compost toilets to help the campsite thrive independently.
  3. Co-working space (1500€) – A creative space with high speed internet and flexible furniture for groups or individual to work.
  4. Projects & Volunteers (1500€) – Workshop, tools and volunteer general expenses to assist the buildup of all the abovementioned projects.
  5. Home Collective Supplies – Multi purpose travel mugs and sleeping liners made available at affordable prices.
  6. Home Collective Website – Connecting the members globally to share knowledge, skills and resources through an online application.

Season III Crowdfunding

Here is the link to the online campaign to make the donations –

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