Home Collective

Home Collective is committed to social impact, sustainability and empowerment through a network of volunteer-based, self-managed, traveler communities.

Based on “Each one- Teach one” principle, following the structural guidelines of FreeDormCulture the objective of the collective is to share experiences, information and resources to improve and make efficient the existing foundations. The requirement is to cultivate & organize the network, design the collective dream, promote & expand sustainability and empower alternative opportunities.

Plan of action
– Gathering the culture & people
– Co developing the model
– Sharing community living experience
– Intra network sharing of interests, tools, skills and experience
– Multiple involvement opportunities
– Abiding by roles and responsibilities guidelines
– Spreading the word about alternative / sustainable living solutions


Stay for free whenever you want, where ever we are.

Home Collective membership offers the members to stay for free with any of the home collective chapters. Each free stay can be maximum 29 days in a stretch.

The membership is the start of the involvement with the community. Home Collective is a lifetime membership and requires each member to be a minimum contributor to the funding of the project. The community guidelines expect each member to contribute a minimum donation of 10€ (equivalent to INR 700) on our crowdfunding.

To be part of the collective, kindly write to us on our Facebook or whats app us on +91 7758988577

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