Travelers are the vehicles of life, ideas and information. Time requirement is to gather their experiences, share resources & develop the network to increase positive impacts. The community exists to facilitate the spread of ideas among these travelers and beyond them, to create awareness.

No Name is an open and tolerant space, welcoming everyone in a free-minded environment. A meeting, sharing, learning platform to ease the flow of information, connect complementary ideas and experience the power of collective action through individual involvement.


No Name Free Hostel is a volunteer based traveler community, a self-managed collective space believing in sharing principles. The Hostel’s experience and learning are generalized by Free Dorm Culture.

The vision of a sustainable communities network, sharing resources, initiated the design of Home Collective  a co-developed model researching on self-managed structure’s efficiency while hosting volunteer & intern programs.

The hostel is located in Kerim village – a hidden tropical paradise in North Goa. The village features one of the most beautiful beach, lush green cliffs and authentic local life.  The serenity of the village comes with good connectivity to the main cities by public transport.


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This can change the way we see travelling today.

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