No Name Free Hostel is a Crowdfunded, Volunteer-Based Traveler Community. Hosting people since September 2016, the ever evolving space is looking forward to the second season in operation starting from October 2017.

The requirement is to utilize the coming months to gather all the experience and knowledge acquired during the first season and plan the next one to perfection. Volunteering with us during this spot-preparation period is a way to get highly involved with the project, participate to its shared vision and exercise your skills for the common manifestation of the collective dream.

What is it about?

No Name Free Hostel is about expressing your freedom through co-creation: embody the soul of the project and contribute to the vision in your unique way.

Volunteering at the hostel requires the ability to work with focused mind, in a team as well as individually, while understanding the place & time requirements. It also implies an extraordinary human experience in a magical place, among what will soon become the members of an extended family.

To hold the team all together we prefer strong roots to a rigid frame, here are the directing principles of life in community, as we understand it :


  1. The hostel and the vision it manifests being our reason to be there
  2. Thinking, speaking, doing with pure & good intentions
  3. Taking responsibilities and working within the imparted time
  4. Always respecting who and what is around you
  5. Representing the hostel and the principles during the whole volunteering period

There are several missions that need to be taken care of during the preparation phase, requiring specific and diverse skills. The available programs for spot-preparation details each role we need volunteer for and precises every mission. 

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Available programs for August & September 2017


Mission and skills
Making the link between us and the World

Social media optimization

Computer, social, organisation, administration skills.

Handle and optimize online social interactions, manage the presence of the hostel on different platforms, including posts and campaigns. Manage bookings, calendar, database.  Research on related subjects/blogs.
Translating the message visually

Graphic designing

Master of Photoshop or similar software, imagination and creativity.

Design the vision of the project through visual art and create content to be used on the website. Design posts and campaigns, including crowdfunding.  Harmonize the branding of the hostel. Research in graphic display.
Delivering the vision

Content writing

Structured writing, storytelling & investigating mind.

Create written content for the different online platforms and the website articles. Control what content is shared when and all website updates coming from all aspects of organization.
Structuring the face of the hostel

Website designing

Master of associated platforms, coding, SEO.

Create the landscape on which all online informations will be displayed, design, upgrade, maintain, update the website of the hostel. Associated research.
Capturing the magic


Different techniques and always ready to click.

Take pictures of different aspects of the hostel’s life and interests. Explore our world with curious and sharp eyes. Create social media content.
Recording the dream


Explorer and investigator, poly-valence.

Shoot video content following the everyday life and events taking place at the hostel. Show the project and it’s values from the inside. Create social media content.
Telling the story

Video editing

Storytelling skills, organisation & creativity mind.

Imagin relevant scenarios to create the story. Organise the material for it best translates it. Edit social media content, videos, including informations and gate.
Keeping the harmony

Social & environmental responsibility

Project management, environmental sensibility, understanding of needs and priorities.

Establish a social/environmental responsibility plan and implement it through different events, actions and project in the hostel and its surroundings. Research on waste management, local involvement, energy saving…
Reflecting beauty inside out


Designing and artistic skills. Ability to see and restore harmony. Taste for reusing materials.

Embellish the different areas of the hostel with various means, painting, installations, hanging ornament…

Give life to the walls, fences and trees all around the property.

Planting the seed

Garden/ landscape

Gardening skills, love for nature, permaculture enthusiasm.

Imagine and create the garden spaces in relevance with the environment. Design, plant and take care. Instal an efficient compost, create a herb garden, optimise watering systems…


Volunteer from 1st September to 30 Sept ( 1 month).


Mission and skills
Laying foundations

Building & clay construction

Wooden and metal framework, cob and clay building, bamboo construction.

Build outside toilet and shower, instal a shed for the washing area and the outside kitchen, create the maker space. Design and build a treehouse and a rainwater harvest system.
Insuring basic needs


Wood construction, framework, gateway, roof frame.

Make sure we all have a roof, water and sunproof. Covering the outside bathroom and sheds. Creating different furniture elements. Design and build a treehouse.
Reinforcing the frame

Metal fabrication

Metal construction, familiarity with cutting & welding machine.

Construction of the core material : bunk beds, safety lockers, shelves, and other furniture or art piece. Design and build a treehouse and a rainwater harvest system.
Protecting the water cycle


Plumber work and installation, water saving knowledge.

Design and set up the installations, imagine a passive water cycle for the outside bathroom. Create an efficient and sustainable watering system for the garden.
Spreading the light


Electricity installations, power saving knowledge. Supporter of Tesla.

Insuring the electrical connections and creating new installations for the different parts of the property.

Apart from these specific roles, the volunteers will be responsible for the property’s tidiness and cleanliness (Karma Yoga).



You can Apply for a volunteer position from the list above by completing the Application form.

The volunteers will be selected according to the fit between the hostel’s needs and the experience and motivation displayed. The hostel’s welcoming capacity is flexible and the number of volunteer is not restricted to one per role. Tell us as much as possible in the application form so we can understand how well you fit the project’s needs! Not being selected shouldn’t discourage anyone from applying for the future volunteer positions at the hostel.

You will be notified by email about the following of the procedure.

Hope to see you soon!