Let’s co-create

Volunteering is about expressing your freedom through co-creation: embody the soul of the project and contribute to the vision in your unique way.

Joining our shared Home as volunteer requires the ability to work with focused mind, in a team as well as individually, while understanding the place & time requirements. It also implies an extraordinary human experience in a magical place, among what will soon become the members of an extended family.

We believe in what is done with passion!

What is it about?

The Home life articulates three main activities :
– a special hospitality, give a unique experience for every guest to feel at home.
– a strong online presence, to spread the word and connect widely.
– an innovative home care, for everything related to the property’s look, vibes and facilities.
Volunteering with us is a way to get highly involved with the project, participate to its shared vision and exercise your skills for the common manifestation of the collective dream.


To hold the team all together we prefer strong roots to a rigid frame, here are the directing principles of life in community, as we understand it :

Root principles –

  1. The project and the vision it manifests being our reason to be there
  2. Thinking, speaking, doing with pure & good intentions
  3. Taking responsibilities and working within the imparted time
  4. Always respecting who and what is around you
  5. Representing our Home and its principles during the whole volunteering period
Description of the opened volunteer missions


Mission Description & Skills

Welcome the guests, prepare rooms, deliver essential information and handle guests flow.

Social, organisation, administration skills.

Plan daily meals and requisition list, cook 2 meals a day for hosts and guests. Care for the kitchen space and material.

Organisation, cleanliness, good vibes.

Bake your favourite recipes of bread and cakes, propose new ones. Care for the baking material and space.

Fire/Clay oven experience is a plus.

Juice Bar
Prepare the juice bar before service, help with orders and deliveries. Help in making food and drinks.

Smile, cleanliness & food enthusiasm.

Yoga Sessions Organise daily yoga practices to balance physical and spiritual accommodation in the community.

Regularity, attention, will to share.

Home Care

Mission Description & Skills



Imagine and create the garden spaces in relevance with the environment. Design, plant and take care. Optimize watering systems.

Gardening skills, love for nature, permaculture enthusiasm.



Reduce and segregate waste in the property. Create compost for the cultivation to come and handle the plastic disposal. Improve the existing systems and imagine new solutions.

Attention, confidence, patience.

Photography Empower the House by observing the life activity and capturing its movements. Expose the different aspect of life through your camera.

Observation, patience, curiosity.


Pet care

Give daily food to the pets, provide medical care when needed. Participate in animal welfare with local associations.

Basic experience with animals, attention, love.

English Classes
Design a basic and interactive program for the kids of the village. Conduct regular classes for basic English level.

Experience in interaction with kids, patience.

How to apply – 

The minimum duration is 1 month.
Applications close on 20th of the previous month.

Volunteer in Goa, Season 3 Season Run  December 2018 , January, February & March 2019 – Application form

The volunteers will be selected according to the fit between the hostel’s needs and the displayed experience and motivation. The hostel’s welcoming capacity is flexible and the number of volunteer is not restricted to one per role. Tell us as much as possible in the application form so we can understand where you would enjoy & fit the project’s needs! Not being selected shouldn’t discourage anyone from applying for the future volunteer positions at the hostel.

You will be notified by email about the following of the procedure.

Hope to see you soon!